Hi Rebecca,

Our wedding weekend was a dream, every aspect of it went beautifully. Our post wedding brunch was wonderful. Your staff does an amazing job.  This was the biggest event we've ever hosted, and knowing you were taking care of the food was the difference about being overly stressed versus excited about the day.

The food was delicious, and Joe, Monica and the rest of the crew took care of everything expertly. Set up went smoothly, I really appreciate the willingness of your crew to take care of getting everything ready. All the touches made for a wonderful presentation, down to wrapping the trash holders with table cloths, and the colorful linens on the serving tables. They were prepared for mishaps too if needed! They brought pop up tents to put over the food if it rained (luckily not needed), extra sternos in case mine ran out, extra power cords if needed, etc. They cleared the tables and refilled the food unobtrusively. And when they left the trash was gone, and all the food was set.  Their attitudes were wonderful too, very
positive and helpful.

My only hiccup was with the desserts that I had ordered from another vendor. I didn't make it clear to the person picking up the desserts for me that I had pre-ordered platters. He picked up wonderful desserts out of the case, which your staff presented very well, but it wasn't the wow that the platters would have been. I learned for next time to have all the details spelled out ahead of time - once the party started my mind stopped working! Another reason to let you do all the catering! I was able to donate the platters to a group the next day when I picked them up, so the desserts were still enjoyed.

It was a pleasure working with you Rebecca. Thank you for answering all my questions ahead of time, and for helping me vary the menu to get just what we wanted. We ended up with a nice mix of breakfast and lunch foods.

Best wishes and much happiness to you on your wedding day.

Till next time!



Just got back from shower and it was just amazing, thank you for making this all come together, I will definitely share my experience and spread the news that Delaney is the place to go!

Thanks again,


Hi Diane,

We had an amazing weekend! The rehearsal dinner was exactly what we hoped for. It was as if we were gathered around our dining room table for Thanksgiving, but without all the work involved! Your staff did a great job taking care of us.  Lots of laughter as everyone shared stories about Rick & Laurie making for a relaxing evening before the big day. Thanks for making it happen! We will happily recommend you to anyone looking to host a similar event.

Thank you,


Hi Diane,

Thank you again for all of your help and guidance in planning my parents anniversary party. The party was wonderful and everyone had a great time, especially my parents.

The Delaney House exceeded my expectations. Sam and Lynn, our servers, were excellent. They were attentive and pleasant.

They made sure the party flowed well, we never felt rushed. We had great food and had plenty of time to socialize with our family.

The room was great for our party size of 30. The colors, center pieces and space was beautiful. Most of all, the space allowed us to move around and mingle with each other as well as enjoy a sit down dinner.

I felt as though the Delaney House staff, including everyone, went above and beyond to provide my family with an outstanding Anniversary party for my parents.

I would, with great pleasure, recommend the Delaney House to friends and family.

Thanks again to all,



Good morning, Peter!

I wanted you to know how much my family appreciated the service as well as the food we had the night of my mother's 90th birthday party on March 15th! My daughter, Caitlin, was the server that night and of course we thought she did a great job! But it was with the help of other staff members, Erica and Lynn, who stepped up to the plate to make sure service was fast and efficient!  It goes without saying that Michelle went the extra mile to have the room look extremely elegant and provide us with a projector to view the family video we made! Dan, also stepped up to the plate when we were having trouble getting the projector running. Everyone was extremely pleased with their meals and a great time was had by all! It appears to me you run a wonderful restaurant and you can tell your employees feel like a family, helping out whenever they are needed! So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing my family with a fabulous evening!  A night we will never forget celebrating my mother's 90th birthday!

Hi Diane,

Everything was fabulous. Everyone raved about the food and the staff was so accommodating. Our waiter was such a pleasure. I will definitely recommend the Delaney House to my friends and family for their future functions.

Thank you for all of your help. It was greatly appreciated.


The event was perfect.  It was obvious that great pains were taken with every request.  The women enjoyed the living room and the delightful fireplace.

Service was excellent, leading to extra placed on the bill by me for the staff involved.  You deserve admiration and respect for the quality of service you provide.

Two of our guests did enjoy the hotel facilities the night before.

Your setting would be highly recommended both by myself and those attending the event.

Thank you,



Thanks for the follow up.  Everything was amazing.  I personally wasn't there for the food, but my wife, along with many guests raved about the quality of food as well as the way it was arranged.  From the start, the service has been incredible.  I was told that the staff was very attentive.  I cannot express to you enough how happy I am with the way things turned out.  I look forward to doing business with such a professional and courteous staff again.


Dear Diane,

Our experience was absolutely perfect.  Everyone was impressed with the delicious array of food.  The room looked so nice and easily accommodated all of us.  The entire restaurant is so tastefully appointed.  The women who were our servers were friendly, accommodating, and efficient.  As soon as we arrived to set the room up, they brought us coffee and Bellinis, both of which were sincerely appreciated.

Having had a few previous bridal and baby showers elsewhere, I would have to say that this was the nicest of all.  Although I don't foresee another event in my near future, I will certainly keep the Delaney House in mind and will certainly suggest it to anyone who asks.

Thank you for your help.


Everything was fantastic. The staff was superb, the food was delicious . Everyone had a great time. It was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for all of your help in organizing everything. We will definitely keep your facility in mind for any future parties/events. It was a wonderful experience and would recommend it 150%! Thanks again so much !!

Marissa & Jason


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