Scenic Mountain Top Weddings in Western Mass

The Log Cabin has all everything you need for a perfect mountain top wedding in Western Mass, including professional service staff, expert chefs, full-service party planning, decorations and sumptuous menus.

Our team has worked together for years, putting on the best chic mountain top weddings in our Western Mass venue, always with five-star service. Some people rave about the spectacular views of the beautiful Berkshires from our mountain top location. Others are impressed by the great menus invented by our chefs. If ambience is what you crave, the Log Cabin is the perfect spot for mountain top weddings in Western Mass.

The Best in Mountain Top Weddings in Western Mass

Our professional event planning and catering services set us apart from other wedding planners and venues in Western Mass.

Here are a few great benefits of booking five-star mountain top weddings in Western Mass with us:

  • Flexible menus - Chefs are available for expert consultation so that every detail is settled prior to your wedding feast.
  • Professional event planning - Party planners handle all of the details, from flowers to DJ entertainment and more.
  • Superior service - Every guest will feel welcomed at the Log Cabin.

Don't hesitate to call today for free information about planning a fabulous mountain top wedding.