A Wedding Venue in Western Mass

The Log Cabin is the most breathtaking wedding venue in Western Mass. Our scenic vista atop Mt. Tom offers uninterrupted views of the stunning Western Massachusetts landscape. From our venue, you'll have a wedding day like no other - meticulously planned and executed to your exacting specifications.

Our one-of-a-kind wedding venue offers every bride an opportunity to craft her wedding in a way that suits her dreams - from lavish to laid-back and everything in between. We make sure that each wedding we host is crafted to meet your particular taste and the taste of your guests.

Spectacular Wedding Venue With the Planning Help

With a spectacular wedding venue comes in equally spectacular team of expert wedding planners who can take our venue to the next level for your special day. Each expert is on hand to help you:

  • • Explore catering options
  • • Arrange for vendors such as photographers, DJ, etc.
  • • Work with you to determine the schedule of events
  • • Use design elements that set your wedding apart

Our Wedding Venue Puts You, Literally, Above the Rest

The first step is to secure your wedding - call us at the Log Cabin today to ensure your perfect day will start at the perfect place then let us work with you to bring every detail to your day in the right place at the right time at the right price. The Log Cabin is a wedding venue in Western Mass like no other - start your journey today.